Looking Forward to a digital future


At Mirador, our role is to provide strategic guidance on developing digital strategies to both B2C and B2B organisations, including public and private sectors.

Our network of specialists means that what ever business challenge you face, Mirador will have access to the experts who can provide you with a commercially orientated, customer friendly solution.



Andrew McClelland


Mirador is a digital consultancy founded by Andrew McClelland, specialising in digital commerce operations and strategic development for the value chain, including multichannel and pure-play organisations.

We offer in-depth consultancy services on a range of topics including multichannel, business strategy, payment systems, mobile commerce, technology solutions, international expansion, social media and digital couponing for the public and private sectors.

The real strength of Mirador is our unique ability to balance a deep understanding of the technical and consumer aspects of the modern digital and retail industry with the commercial realities of successful trading operations.

Our Specialties include;


- Supplier selection and management

- The digital marketing mix including customer retention and recruitment

- Analytics for site performance and usability

- Multi / Omni-channel and cross border trading,

- Digital merchandising,

- e-CRM, fulfilment,

- Key stake holder negotiations,

- Regulatory affairs, 

- PR activity and development,

- Project management,

- Major client relationship management,

- Directing cross functional/interest projects,

- e-payments, e-retail, digital commerce

- Business development

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We can support your growth strategy through a range of consultancy services

Digital proposition development 

The pace of technological change in today's market can leave businesses confused about where to invest precious resources. We can help you to understand where the opportunities are for your business to enable you to make the right investment decisions.


Competitive analysis 

When launching a new solution you need to have confidence that the product or service is able to offer something unique. We can help you to identify the key focus points of any proposed solution to enable you to succeed in your target market.

Research & analysis 

Every decision taken has to be backed up by intelligent research and analysis to give you the best chance of success in a highly competitive market. We can provide insight into new business trends, strategies, innovations, tools and technologies.

Omnichannel retailing strategy

Reports and Insight

For a range of clients, we have authored a number of reports. Ranging from analysis of internal business data to broader insight pieces for a range of clients, these reports have been produced for internal audiences as part of business review process as well as in depth reports on industry trends or guidance for practioners. Examples include a number of cross-border trading reports and industry reviews based on in-depth research.

Digital market insight

Consumer behaviour is constantly adapting to the opportunities offered by technology and new services. Our unique insights into either the industry as a whole or a specific sector can provide you with the competitive advantages you need to keep one step ahead.


NEW SERVICE - The Data Project; Data protection - customer enablement

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Data Project. This new service combines our experience in marketing, commercial and compliance management to provide businesses with the insight, audit and review processes to help them meet their GDPR requirements.

Our services will enable business to better understand their responsibilities under this new legislation, develop strategies to maintain compliance and improve their commercial performance by improving their relationships with their customers.
Go to our website at www.thedataproject.co.uk for more information.