We can support your growth strategy through a range of consultancy services

Digital proposition development 

The pace of technological change in today's market can leave businesses confused about where to invest precious resources. We can help you to understand where the opportunities are for your business to enable you to make the right investment decisions.


Competitive analysis 

When launching a new solution you need to have confidence that the product or service is able to offer something unique. We can help you to identify the key focus points of any proposed solution to enable you to succeed in your target market.

Research & analysis 

Every decision taken has to be backed up by intelligent research and analysis to give you the best chance of success in a highly competitive market. We can provide insight into new business trends, strategies, innovations, tools and technologies.

Omnichannel retailing strategy

Reports and Insight


For a range of clients, we have authored a number of reports. Ranging from analysis of internal business data to broader insight pieces for a range of clients, these reports have been produced for internal audiences as part of business review process as well as in depth reports on industry trends or guidance for practioners. Examples include a number of cross-border trading reports and industry reviews based on in-depth research.

Digital market insight

Consumer behaviour is constantly adapting to the opportunities offered by technology and new services. Our unique insights into either the industry as a whole or a specific sector can provide you with the competitive advantages you need to keep one step ahead.



The legal landscape is evolving quickly as governments attempt to legislate for the growing digital economy. Mirador's consultants have a lot of experience in ensuring that business and industry requirments are represented and translating upcoming changes into commercial imapct analysis.